American Legion Post 18

POW/MIA Rolling Thunder
Chapter #1 Meeting 11-09-02

I apologize for the poor quality of some pictures.

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Post 18 street sign
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Joseph Douglass "Betrayed"
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Captain D. L. "Pappy" Hicks
RollingThunder61.JPG (219068 bytes)
Major Mark Smith
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Sergeant Major Mullins
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RollingThunder07.JPG (85435 bytes)
Monroe County Men Killed in Vietnam
RollingThunder08.JPG (163415 bytes)
Daniel C. Nichols USMC 1st Lt.
RollingThunder09.JPG (155521 bytes)
Rickey D. Southern USMC Corporal
RollingThunder10.JPG (166715 bytes)
Bruce W. Shaffer USA W-1
RollingThunder11.JPG (163955 bytes)
Harry T. Niggle USAF Lt. Colonel
RollingThunder12.JPG (152418 bytes)
Walter M. Scott USMC Private
RollingThunder13.JPG (156977 bytes)
Thomas Read USMC Private 1st Class
RollingThunder14.JPG (189165 bytes)
Robby Wilson USA Private 1st Class
RollingThunder15.JPG (160232 bytes)
Genie L. McDonald USA Sergeant
RollingThunder16.JPG (150044 bytes)
Joseph B. Ziel USA Specialist 4
RollingThunder17.JPG (136205 bytes)
Eugene A. Parish USA Private 1st Class
RollingThunder18.JPG (160713 bytes)
Gerald L. Miller USN BM3
RollingThunder19.JPG (161247 bytes)
Albert W. Warthan USA Staff Sergeant
RollingThunder20.JPG (165950 bytes)
Robert N. Brown USA 1st Lt.
RollingThunder21.JPG (169898 bytes)
Joseph B. Brittain USA Private 1st Class
RollingThunder22.JPG (142627 bytes)
James A. Workman USA Specialist 4
RollingThunder23.JPG (155429 bytes)
Ronald B. Stillions USA Warrant Officer
RollingThunder24.JPG (166668 bytes)
Kenneth L. Walters USA Specialist 4
RollingThunder25.JPG (182307 bytes)
Jerry L. Booker USA Specialist 4
RollingThunder26.JPG (151265 bytes)
Roger W. Cummings USMC Private 1st Class
RollingThunder27.JPG (155284 bytes)
Mark W. Surber USA Private 1st Class
RollingThunder28.JPG (150165 bytes)
Robert M. Scott USAF 1st Lt.
RollingThunder29.JPG (147203 bytes)
Stephen E. Hendricks USA Specialist 5
RollingThunder30.JPG (146330 bytes)
Zettie J.C. Dulin USA Specialist 4
RollingThunder31.JPG (146253 bytes)
Charles P. Lirot USMC Private 1st Class
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