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Meet with people like you, have a great meal and enjoy the company of our members. You won't have to wait long to make a friend or three. You may already know some of us. We have lots of activities for both the young at heart and those who want to contribute to our community. Music, games, Holiday parties, parades, Sports and other events you can participate in.
You can help your family and friends too. Post members can inform you about opportunities for scholarships to help with college or to a trade. For instance we the have Boys and Girls state programs where your kids can learn more about how our American government works. Some of them will be invited to join in the National program. The Oratorical can help with your college fund simply by making a speech. Maybe your child doesn't want to go to College, well the Mike Rowe foundation provides opportunities for kids to gain a trade through an apprenticeship. There are 6 Million jobs waiting for someone to make the effort to gain a trade. Now you don't need to be a member to get access to MikeRoweWORKS but you wouldn't have known about it if it weren't our members you may not have ever heard of it. That’s why you need to join, so you can gain help from our organizational network of people who want to help you. We also provide assistance for Veterans and active duty personnel who need a helping hand. Our Post can provide direct assistance in some limited cases or through programs like "Operation Comfort Warrior" and Standdown a more comprehensive support.
We have the family of three where you can qualify for Membership.
To be a Legion member you had to have served in a period of war. If you are currently in the armed forces of the USA you qualify. If you separated during the Gulf wars, Grenada, Vietnam, Korea and many others you can be a legion member. If you are unsure use this link to help answer these questions
To Join the Auxiliary or the Sons of the legion you have to be related to a qualifying legion member or served in active duty during peacetime. About the SAL and About the Auxiliary will answer your questions about these two branches of the Legion.